Attic Updates: Hiatus and Moving Out

Wow my last post was still last year. Haven’t had time to update this blog because I got preoccupied with personal matters and personal shopping.

So what’s new?

Right now, yours truly is based here in La Trinidad, Benguet. I had no choice but to temporarily leave Quezon City for personal reasons. Yes, I said temporarily as I still have plans of going back.

Because of the changes, my personal shopping services is in hiatus. I won’t be having any Hong Kong trip for the whole year. I actually already announced this last quarter of 2015 in the personal shopping FB group . In fact I thought my last stint would be last November. But I still managed to find ways and was able to continue until February this year. Definitely as of writing I can say I won’t be able to do any personal shopping for this year (unless Universe will conspire and alter my plans).


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Happy News

I know it’s a late post but nevertheless… HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

…and I’m excited to share some good news for all  the Attic gals. A little good vibes to jumpstart the year eh?

Attic now has also a blogger account
Actually, it was the first blog account of Attic. But after two posts, I opted to shift to wordpress. I decided to revive the blogspot account for  blogspot users (I think they won’t be able to follow a wordpress account, unlike in wordpress we can follow even blogsppot users). It really won’t matter if you follow wordpress or blogspot account of Attic because both will have the same content.

Attic blogspot blog- The Attic Insider
Pardon if there’s only few posts there.

New Uploads this week.
And I will be selling them at a discounted price for 24 hours only. After that, the items will be back to their regular selling prices. Items will be uploaded JANUARY 16. Mark the date!

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Why Shop at Multiply?

Online shopping is becoming a trend here in the Philippines. It’s convenient, fun and saves us time.It also saves us from expenses such as transportation (hello fare increase!) and food. Through online shopping, buying is just clicks away.

Although there are instances, especially for first time online shoppers, shopping in some online shops are quite complicated, fussy or mindful. But with the right system, online shopping can be a breeze and brings back fun in the scene.

Online shops have been using social media to sell their items. One of the popular sites that sellers use is Multiply, as it has evolved already, becoming a marketplace. And I highly suggest shopping at Multiply.

What are the advantages of shopping at Multiply?

  1. Shopping is very convenient. With the shopping cart system, online shopping has become very easy.

  2. Payment details and billing are real-time. You don’t have to wait for the seller to reply when you order. Compared to filling up order forms wherein you will have to wait for the payment details and billing, multiply shopping cart is automated and will send you the details as soon as you check out.

  3. Free shipping (for specific promo period)!

  4. There are several modes of payment: bank payments, mobile cash transfer (Gcash), credit card payment and paypal payment.

  5. Confusions are avoided as far as who gets the item first. When commenting “mine”, ordering through PM, or sending order forms, there are no assurances that the item will be going to you, especially when the item is a sole piece. Through the shopping cart, when you order a sole piece (even without paying) the item is automatically reserved to you and nobody will be able to place an order after you.

  6. Your payment goes directly to Multiply. Meaning, there are less chances of fraud.

  7. You can seek help from multiply should problems arise with the seller i.e. no package has been received, seller does not communicate etc.

  8. Multiply does not allow counterfeit, replica or knock-off brand name products to be sold at the shops. They recently sent a notice to sellers to take down such products. They will not tolerate and will start to act on shops who will violate the rules.  You now are assured of original and authentic products being bought at multiply.

Visit Purple Cow’s multiply shop