What I Do as a Personal Shopper

Two of the most common questions I get when I mention I do personal shopping are “What is personal shopping?” and “What do you do as personal shopper?”

Personal shopping simply means purchasing items on behalf of clients. It is also the same definition of a personal shopping assistant. The difference of being a personal shopper (based on research) from the latter is that it involves consultation and giving advice to the client. At some instances, being a personal shopper also means you offer styling services.

I can’t say I’m a fashion expert nor a stylist since I have no educational background on fashion, but having worked as a production designer/art director in film, tv and ads at least makes me credible and confident enough to be a personal shopper. Actually, both jobs are highly similar, only this time, purchases will be used in real life and not for fictional purposes. No more visual tricks.

Now, what goes behind those purchases? What do I specifically do? Obviously doing the pre-order part of my services isn’t part of the discussion (it falls under being a personal shopping assistant). Here are the some of the things I do for my clients:

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They’re Here!

After around two weeks of waiting, my package I shipped from HK  finally arrived! These were some of the items I bought there that I couldn’t stuff in my luggage anymore because I might be charged for excess baggage.


So what’s inside? Several clothes and these darlings…

Jelly Boots! So cute!


And of course, the much-awaited Tattoo Stockings, which is now a trend in Japan.


Will be posting the items this week. Watch out for them at the Attic!