Human Nature Back at the Attic

Good news! As a holiday gift, Purple Cow will be bringing back Human Nature products at the Attic this week.


For the past months (or year) I wasn’t able to focus on Human Nature because of my trips. This time I’m determined to promote this product not for profit purposes, but mainly for the social aspect of it. If some of you are not yet aware, Human Nature is pro-poor. They have projects for the less fortunate, at the same time, they provide livelihood for the people. Of course the more sales and demand for the products, the more they can provide jobs for people, especially for the farmers and those who need them the most. Now don’t we want that?You get to buy a quality product that is kind to you and the environment, at the same time you’re helping others.  We are helping Filipinos improve their lives.
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Some Good News

Reasons to smile after a depressing weather yesterday:

1. Attic now has its official fan page.  Yey!

It’s still under construction, nevertheless everyone can drop by (and “like” the page *wink wink*).  Just click here to go the page.

2. Attic now uses a new courier, CliqNship.

Goodbye to Xend! They were recently giving me stress as I don’t want my clients being stressed out. Delays are a big NO NO to Attic. So far CliqNship is doing well.

3. New gorgeous dresses uploaded.


4. Human Nature’s Balancing Facial Wash and Face Toner are amazing!

They did wonders to my skin as far as oiliness is concerned. My face now is less oily after weeks of continuously using both products. I will blog about this soon 🙂

Human Nature’s Balancing Face Toner and Facial Wash


New Human Nature Products You’ll L-O-V-E

Went this morning to Human Nature UP Village branch to pick-up orders and I was happy to learn that they have an updated brochure out. And I was even happier when I saw these purple products in the counter which turned out to be their lipstick (yup, new wardrobe for the lippies) and a new product- MINERAL EYESHADOW.

Velvet Passion Mineral Eyeshadow


The purple packaging was calling me aside from it being a new product. I so wanted to buy one a while ago but I didn’t bring personal money with me. Ugh! I will go back for you!

Here are other new/updated products from Human Nature (I’m excited to try them out soon):

Bubble Gum Spray Sanitizer for Kids

Passion Fruit Hydrating Mineral Lipstick (new packaging)

Butterfly Beauty Pouch