Let’s Welcome “Your Personal Shopper in HK”

Recently, Attic’s IG account is getting cramped and confusing with all the combined personal shopping and retail posts.  Thus a new Instagram account was created for the personal shopping services of Attic.

Enter, @shopperinHK (Your Personal Shopper in HK)


All personal shopping-related posts will now be transferred to the new IG account. Hope you visit and follow 🙂

For more details/information and updates on personal shopping services, join the FB group Your Personal Shopper in Hong Kong .


Personal Purchases from Hong Kong

After two freezing weeks in Hong Kong, I’m back here in QC  again.  I wasn’t prepared for the cold weather in Hong Kong, and by cold I mean as low as 5 degrees! Brrrr. Most of the time I can’t feel my toes and fingers haha. And I found myself staying indoors during the first day of my HK trip.  I actually wanted to stay indoors forever. Nevertheless, I didn’t let the weather stop me from my personal shopping duties.  It was quite tiring but again and again, I enjoyed doing it. The rush kept my mind away from the cold.

This February batch had the most footwear requests (winter season= boots. Go figure.). I kinda got worried with the weight of my luggage. But it’s cool. I managed to squeeze everything within the limit.

So as soon as I finished personal shopping, I rewarded myself. The sale all around got me going cray-cray!And there were a lot of cool stuff being sold. Wish I had more cash with me then. Will share photos of interesting items I saw in HK later in a separate post.

Anyway, I just like to share what I purchased. Continue reading

Personal Shopper Mode On

Hey dolls, it’s time to bring out your shopping lists! I’ll be traveling back to Hong Kong this February and will be in personal shopper mode once again.

Better start sending requests as my clients’ requests list is getting longer. I may decline some requests soon if I can no longer accommodate (because of time and luggage constraints).

Remember, this is not just  pre-order, it’s personalised shopping. That’s what you’re paying for 🙂

Just email me at ubengbaka@gmail.com for inquiries or your requests. Details and updates on personal shopping services can be found at the FB group page, Your Personal Shopper in Hong Kong. 

Before making requests, do take time to read my post 10 Things to Keep in Mind When Asking Me to Shop in HK

The Search for the Giant Rubber Ducky

One afternoon (or evening?) around last April, a friend messaged me:
“May chance bang magkita kayo nung rubber ducky?”

I thought she was requesting me to buy her a rubber ducky in HK. My thought bubble,
Isn’t it available in the Philippines? Mapapamahal pa sya.

Then she corrected me, as she was referring to this giant rubber ducky floating in Victoria Habour in Hong Kong. I thought it was just the usual installation fronting Harbour City. But after a few days,  I saw a photo of it online. I was like woah! It’s really a giant rubber (or plastic) ducky! And I wanted to see it in person.

When I arrived in Hong Kong last May 14, I was eager to cross to Tsim Sha Tsui for that duck. Continue reading

10 Things to Keep in Mind When Asking Me to Shop in HK

1. Products in HK are seasonal.

Please refrain from asking me to shop for items that are not in season. Don’t ask me to look for winter boots when it is June (summer) in Hong Kong. Unless you are after specialty shops like Speedo, Ugg, etc that are not season-dependent.

2. Hong Kong is not Divisoria nor Quiapo.

Please do not ask me to look for items that are priced cheap like that of Divisoria or Quiapo. We are most likely to find that in neighboring Shenzen. But not in Hong Kong. Most of the time branded products are cheaper in HK but not generic or tiangge items,.

Tip #1 If items are available in Divisoria, better buy them there instead. Chances are price difference isn’t that much. 

Tip #2 If you are looking for a Korean product esp cosmetics, better buy them here because prices are similar if not, price diff is just minimal. Request only if they’re not available here. Continue reading