Updates on Attic and Personal Shopping Service

If you have noticed for the past months,  the Purple Cow’s Attic Shopee account doesn’t have any product displayed or all items are sold out. The FB page and IG haven’t been updated as well. Same thing with YPSIHK (Your Personal Shopper in Hong Kong) FB group and IG. This is because I’ve already moved to Hong Kong last May. We’ve been here for two months already.

I’ve been still receiving PMs and emails, being asked if when’ the next schedule of personal shopping, if I can buy items for them, if this certain product is still available in the Attic or when will I restock.

So what will happen to Attic and YPSHIK, now that I’m already HK-based?

Initially, my decision was to permanently close the Attic. But I realized, I would still come back home to the Philippines for vacation. Sayang naman. During those periods, I could open the Attic and still offer items purchased from HK.

I’ve decided that Attic and YPSIHK will be temporarily closed and will open once in while, when I’m back in the Philippines. 

With YPSIHK, right now even if I’m in HK, I’m not yet offering personal shopping service because going out and shopping for clients will be challenging since I have a toddler in tow. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle it and I’m not yet ready. Also, I haven’t made a decision on how things will run now that my situation is different.  Hopefully soon I’ll be able to figure things out. I’m not giving up on my personal shopping service. Ngayon pa na andito na ako sa Hong Kong? Haha!

I might have a trip on October. And when that pushes through, Attic and YPSiHK will open. Announcement will be posted in FB and IG accounts the soonest.


Attic Updates: Hiatus and Moving Out

Wow my last post was still last year. Haven’t had time to update this blog because I got preoccupied with personal matters and personal shopping.

So what’s new?

Right now, yours truly is based here in La Trinidad, Benguet. I had no choice but to temporarily leave Quezon City for personal reasons. Yes, I said temporarily as I still have plans of going back.

Because of the changes, my personal shopping services is in hiatus. I won’t be having any Hong Kong trip for the whole year. I actually already announced this last quarter of 2015 in the personal shopping FB group . In fact I thought my last stint would be last November. But I still managed to find ways and was able to continue until February this year. Definitely as of writing I can say I won’t be able to do any personal shopping for this year (unless Universe will conspire and alter my plans).


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Last Minute Hada Labo Offer

Halu from Indonesia! Apakabar?



Yes, I’m right here in Bogor, Indonesia as I am visiting my sister and her family. A little break from Purple Cow’s Attic eh?.

My mind was set to just playing with my youngest nephew and bonding with the family. I made a quick research prior to flying here and nothing much is written about Bogor . It’s not really a tourist spot like Bali.

I knew there would be a lot of rain because it’s tagged as the “Rain City”. I looked forward to greeneries, polluted-free environment, site seeing and food tripping. And shopping? Hmmm, parang wala ako aasahan. Though my sister told me before there are outlet shops here.   But I didn’t keep my hopes up high and just conditioned my mind that there will be no finds for Attic on this trip. No business-related matters muna!

So I guess I spoke to soon. Bogor caught me off guard.

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Personal Shopper Mode On

Hey dolls, it’s time to bring out your shopping lists! I’ll be traveling back to Hong Kong this February and will be in personal shopper mode once again.

Better start sending requests as my clients’ requests list is getting longer. I may decline some requests soon if I can no longer accommodate (because of time and luggage constraints).

Remember, this is not just  pre-order, it’s personalised shopping. That’s what you’re paying for 🙂

Just email me at ubengbaka@gmail.com for inquiries or your requests. Details and updates on personal shopping services can be found at the FB group page, Your Personal Shopper in Hong Kong. 

Before making requests, do take time to read my post 10 Things to Keep in Mind When Asking Me to Shop in HK

Happy News

I know it’s a late post but nevertheless… HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

…and I’m excited to share some good news for all  the Attic gals. A little good vibes to jumpstart the year eh?

Attic now has also a blogger account
Actually, it was the first blog account of Attic. But after two posts, I opted to shift to wordpress. I decided to revive the blogspot account for  blogspot users (I think they won’t be able to follow a wordpress account, unlike in wordpress we can follow even blogsppot users). It really won’t matter if you follow wordpress or blogspot account of Attic because both will have the same content.

Attic blogspot blog- The Attic Insider http://www.purplecowsattic.blogspot.com
Pardon if there’s only few posts there.

New Uploads this week.
And I will be selling them at a discounted price for 24 hours only. After that, the items will be back to their regular selling prices. Items will be uploaded JANUARY 16. Mark the date!

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