I used to be a Production Designer for TV, film and print.  Because of my then occupation, I used to hoard interesting items whenever I had the chance.  Everything interesting for me might be useful for future projects. Until I realized I had too much in my stock room. Most were never utilized, just occupied space and collected dust.

So I ended up putting up an online shop as a venue for a virtual garage sale, and it was the birth of Purple Cow’s Attic. It became my full-time stint since I left the world of showbizness.

Now, the old habit of ‘hoarding” never really left me. Whenever I see something interesting and nice, I would just get it and post in the Attic. Especially that I frequent Hong Kong, there are a lot of things that I would like to be accessible to the ladies. That’s where my Personal Shopping service comes in.

Basically this blog is where all my Attic-related adventures and misadventures are shared.  Sometimes a product being sold in the Attic has a story… or at least I have a story to tell about that.

What else can I say… check what’s Up in the Attic and enjoy reading. 

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