Human Nature Back at the Attic

Good news! As a holiday gift, Purple Cow will be bringing back Human Nature products at the Attic this week.


For the past months (or year) I wasn’t able to focus on Human Nature because of my trips. This time I’m determined to promote this product not for profit purposes, but mainly for the social aspect of it. If some of you are not yet aware, Human Nature is pro-poor. They have projects for the less fortunate, at the same time, they provide livelihood for the people. Of course the more sales and demand for the products, the more they can provide jobs for people, especially for the farmers and those who need them the most. Now don’t we want that?You get to buy a quality product that is kind to you and the environment, at the same time you’re helping others.  We are helping Filipinos improve their lives.

What I love about Human Nature also is their concern for the environment. The ingredients are biodegradable and they don’t test on animals.  And the products being safe to your body (as they are 100% natural) is a bonus.


Since 2010, I have been a dealer. I rarely join or register to this kind of businesses (where you have to register and sell their products) but because of their advocacy, I immediately signed up. I didn’t think about earning money. But I knew for every product bought, someone less fortunate will benefit from it. Plus it’s nice to support products that are environment-friendly.

I don’t have lots of money to donate to foundations or fund project, even if I wanted to. Probably there are some of you who can relate. And the second best option is supporting and buying from Human Nature.

This time, when I bring back Human Nature at the Attic,I hope there will be more support from shoppers. If we can afford to buy a make-up that is worth thousands (wherein most likely only you and the company will benefit), maybe buying make-up that is less than P300 from Human Nature won’t hurt? It will benefit you, the poor, the environment, the company and the Philippines (the more jobs, the more help we give, our nation will move forward right?).

Visit Attic’s FB page for the Human Nature products. Magalogue will be displayed there and we will start to accept orders this week.


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