Last Minute Hada Labo Offer

Halu from Indonesia! Apakabar?



Yes, I’m right here in Bogor, Indonesia as I am visiting my sister and her family. A little break from Purple Cow’s Attic eh?.

My mind was set to just playing with my youngest nephew and bonding with the family. I made a quick research prior to flying here and nothing much is written about Bogor . It’s not really a tourist spot like Bali.

I knew there would be a lot of rain because it’s tagged as the “Rain City”. I looked forward to greeneries, polluted-free environment, site seeing and food tripping. And shopping? Hmmm, parang wala ako aasahan. Though my sister told me before there are outlet shops here.   But I didn’t keep my hopes up high and just conditioned my mind that there will be no finds for Attic on this trip. No business-related matters muna!

So I guess I spoke to soon. Bogor caught me off guard.

During my first day, we went to Botani Square Mall, and there I discovered that beauty products and cosmetics are sold cheap here in Indonesia (as far as Bogor and Jakarta’s concerned). Di ba when you stumble upon a makeup that is priced so low, you would think it might be fake? But you can’t say it’s fake here because the products are being sold in legit shops like Guardian and Watsons, or displayed in their own counters. I Googled and some blogs mentioned that cosmetics and beauty products are really cheaper here. My sister attested to that as well.


First purchase, Revlon lippies. The colorburst lipsticks were priced at Rp75,000 (Php278) only

What really left me in disbelief are the Hada Labo products. I was surprised that they’re being sold here! I was so excited and hoped that I can finally try the Air BB Cream. After two establishments, sadly, only the skin care line are available here.

Despair was short-lived as the prices of the Hada Labo products overwhelemed me. They’re really ridiculously priced low. OA! I know they’re being sold online in the Philippines ranging from P600-1000+ and Hong Kong prices are pretty much the same.

Can you guess how much they’re retailed here?


Took this photo at Guardian. Check out the prices. Do the conversion yourself. Rp1=Php 0.0037

Again, with that price, one’s first reaction would be they could be rip-offs. But seeing them being sold at legit stores burst my “rip-off reaction” and left me in confusion. I know there’s Hada Labo in Malaysia, but haven’t read online before about Indonesia made  Hada Labo.

Okay, so because I kept going back on those shelves with Hada Labo products and I was staring at them forever, I decided to take the plunge and try one product. I don’t patronize rip-offs but they couldn’t be fake (Guardian? Hello) . So I bought me the Shrojyon Ultimate Whitening Face Wash. I’m not really into whitening products because I love my dark color, but I have pimple scars and uneven skin tone. I thought this should do it. Based on reviews I’ve read before, i barely saw complaints or bad feedbacks, and if there are it’s mostly about the price and availability. So if the item I bought is fake or badly manufactured, then there would be a possibility it could damage my skin.  Yes, just for you ladies, I’ll be a guinea pig hehe.


Shrojyon Ultimate Whitening Face Wash in 50g , priced at RP17,490 but because there’s a proimo, I got it for only RP13,990 (that’s just P52!)

I wanted so much to immediately announce the discovery in Purple Cow’s Attic’s page and Your Personal Shopping in Hong Kong group page. I was excited like a dog haha. But I had to calm myself as I need first to gather information more about Hada Labo Indonesia and test the face wash, before I go around telling everyone about it.

So upon reaching home, Google and I bonded for an hour or so. I also was looking for some “red flags” if there are any.

First thing I looked for is the website of Hada Labo Indonesia. They have a facebook page as well Hada Labo products here are manufactured at Rohto Laboratories in Bandung (Indonesia).

I checked the FAQ section of their site and fortunately, a relevant question have been answered (pardon the unusual word/sentence structure, I just used Google translate but I hope you get the gist):

How do I know that the product is safe and HadaLabo original made ​​in Indonesia?


The series of products are sold in Indonesia using only quality ingredients imported from Japan and are manufactured to the standards in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products under the supervision of Rohto Japan.

And where do you get product feedback and opinions from? Of course, local bloggers. If there would be no holds barred information about Hada Labo products here, it would be from bloggers. And I’m pretty sure complaints and fakes would be disclosed.

I’ve checked a lot of Indonesian beauty bloggers’ sites and all of them were raving about Hada Labo. It’s really readily available here and very affordable (imagine just like Pond’s in the Philippines), to quote two blogs (Google translate please):

“After the think-think quite long, I finally chose Hada Labo Indonesian products to be reviewed with consideration of this product so easy to obtain. Almost all supermarkets already sell these brands at low prices (compared to the price of the Japanese edition) and gw ga quality and disappointing result. So, lets start guys!

I am very happy time tau Indonesia dapet Rohto Hada Labo license to manufacture its own in Indonesia. Hada Labo Setau gw is a product that is really famous in Japan and i always want to try it, but alas, that time so I’m still a college student, so the price is beyond the reach of gw allowance.” – From

“Hada Labo initially hard to come by in Indonesia, jadikalau would have to pre-order or purchase the streets overseas. But now, the product is already ngeksis at drugstores and grocery stores such great hypermart, or Hero supermarkets, and the price is much cheaper with the same quality rich products sold in Japan.” – From

I also got information from other bloggers that Hada Labo Indonesia was launched 2012 and they had an event. Check this blog,

So finally I let out a sigh of relief. No red flags. There’s  really an Indonesian made Hada Labo and no doubt they’re authentic. As far as my Googling’s concerned, probably the only difference between Japanese and Indonesia Hada Labo products is their packaging. Japanese Hada Labo containers are larger and texts are in Japanese, while Indonesian made ones have smaller containers and with English and Bahasa texts combined.

Of course just to make sure you get an authentic product, it’s better to buy from legit shops such as Guardian, Watsons and major department stores. As mentioned in this FB post by Hada Labo SG.



So in relation to this post, I am offering my personal shopping services for the Hada Labo products. I know this is so very last minute, but nanghihinayang ako with the opportunity we have here. Let’s take advantage as I don’t even know when we will have the chance again to buy at such a low price.

Personal shopping fee would be P300/pc, shipping inclusive already. Same rule apply to my services, full payment first and payments only via BPI and BDO. I can only offer this until Friday (July 11, 2014). The items will be shipped out on July 16 and estimated arrival of your items will  be on July 18.

Below are the retail prices of the Hada Labo products here (meaning you still have to add the personal shopping fee). These are the only ones I can offer to purchase bec of accessibility concerns:


Moisturizing Line (White)

Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Face Wash 100g- P121.69 (Rp32,890)

Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Light Lotion 100ml- P121.73 (Rp 32,900)

Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Lotion 100ml- P125.43 (Rp33,900)

Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Milk 100ml- P103.23 (Rp54,900)

Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Cream- P195.93 (Rp54,900)

Whitening Line (Blue)

Shrojyon Ultimate Whitening Face Wash 100g- P103.23 (Rp27.900)

Shrojyon Ultimate Whitening Lotion 100ml- P199.02 (Rp53,790)

Shrojyon Ultimate Whitening Milk 100ml- P247.53 (Rp66,900)

Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening Night Cream- P336.33 (Rp90,900)

Shrojyon Ultimate Whitening Essence- P594.55 (Rp160,690)

Anti-Aging (Red)

Gokujyun Alpha Ultimate Anti Aging Lotion (100ml)- P221.96 (Rp59,990)

Gokujyun Alpha Ultimate Anti Aging Milk (100ml)- P247.53 (Rp66,900)

Gokujyun Alpha Ultimate Anti Aging Cream- P395.86 (Rp106,990)

Gokujyun Alpha Ultimate Anti Aging Essence- P625.26 (Rp168.990)

The main reason why I still have to separate the personal shopping fee and not opt to offer just one price is because I want everything to be transparent and you would be aware of the product’s real price. No hocus-pocus, gulangan and overpricing. Also we might chance upon a promo (because of the Ramadan), and you could save few pesos without affecting the fee.

So if you’re not particular on the packaging  and would like to save, better send your orders via email ( or FB PM. Remember, all payments must be settled until this Friday (July 11) only as I only have this Saturday to shop. 

Oh by the way, if you’re going to ask me what happened after trying out the face wash, well after a week, I noticed a slight improvement on my skin. I also bought the Shrojyon Ultimate Whitening Lotion 4 days ago. No damages have been done. I’ll try to write a separate entry about my feedback on the two products I bought. 


2 thoughts on “Last Minute Hada Labo Offer

  1. This is such a good deal. Too bad I only stumbled upon it now. Anyway, if ever you are going there again or your sister will be shipping something for you. Please do notify me. 😉

    • Hi Izz! Yeah, it was a very last minute thing. In fact I was still getting inquiries/requests until July 14 and I felt bad that I can no longer entertain them. I hope I can go back to Indonesia soon.

      Will do notify if ever I get the chance to travel there again 🙂 You’re a member of the Personal Shopper in HK FB group right?

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