Personal Purchases from Hong Kong

After two freezing weeks in Hong Kong, I’m back here in QC  again.  I wasn’t prepared for the cold weather in Hong Kong, and by cold I mean as low as 5 degrees! Brrrr. Most of the time I can’t feel my toes and fingers haha. And I found myself staying indoors during the first day of my HK trip.  I actually wanted to stay indoors forever. Nevertheless, I didn’t let the weather stop me from my personal shopping duties.  It was quite tiring but again and again, I enjoyed doing it. The rush kept my mind away from the cold.

This February batch had the most footwear requests (winter season= boots. Go figure.). I kinda got worried with the weight of my luggage. But it’s cool. I managed to squeeze everything within the limit.

So as soon as I finished personal shopping, I rewarded myself. The sale all around got me going cray-cray!And there were a lot of cool stuff being sold. Wish I had more cash with me then. Will share photos of interesting items I saw in HK later in a separate post.

Anyway, I just like to share what I purchased. Nothing much over-the-top.I had to minimize my purchase though, because my luggage’s priority is my clients’ stuff. I wasn’t willing to pay extra for excess baggage.

Darlie my darling!


Okay let me start with Darlie. I always make sure I get my supply whenever I visit Hit always leave a refreshing feeling in my mouth. None of those strong and minty tastes that sometimes can sting or make my tongue go numb. I always make sure I get my supply whenever I visit HK and I get it from neighbouring dispensaries. It is being sold in a pack of three tubes.


shoes copy

This pair was calling me when I saw it in the display.  I knew it wouldn’t pass my standards, quality and price-wise (I’m just kuripot that way) but they’re just too unique to ignore. Plus it was on sale! I am quite picky when it comes to shoes’ comfort and durability. But yeah, I really wanted ’em.

By the way, I also got a pair for the Attic 😀

MAC Lovin’!


I had to get my own tube. I was getting envious with all my clients’ MAC lipstick requests. I thought, it’s also about time I get another shade (my current MAC lippie is about to retire).

I kinda got frustrated though with the guy SA at MAC (The One  branch) because we usually ask SAs what color they can recommend for my skin tone. But he, on the other hand, didn’t seem to know what’s appropriate for me. Probably he was used to fair skinned ladies.He wasn’t enthusiastic in recommending as well. He just gave one color for me to try  on, and I didn’t like the shade on me. After three tries, Rene, my fiance,  picked a shade for me (Shanghai Spice). Buti pa sya he knows what shade suits me.


Shanghai Spice’s shade is perfect for my daytime look (please don’t mind the messy do)

On a side note, The One has a promo ongoing for tourists. It started last September 2013.  For a minimum purchase of HK$100 from any of their shops, you get a free passport cover. And you get a free USB travel adapter for a minimum purchase of HK$800.

So, during that time we purchased my Shanghai Spice,  we headed immediately to the customer service to claim my gift.


Ugh should I have known earlier, I would have claimed more passport covers and gave it to my clients. I didn’t know about the promo when I was buying several MAC items from The One few days before. Oh well. Sayang.

More Eye Candy.


I also bought HK version of Japanese magazines being sold at convenience stores.  My first personal purchase was last August trip (because a client requested them and I got curious). They’re very useful to me as visual inspiration. And add to that, my growing appreciation for Japanese magazines was also because I was influenced by my friend Tracy, who’s a Jap magazine hoarder herself, hehe.

Designer shades. Not. 





I’m not really a fan of replica items. But the design of these babies were just irresistable. Now you know the truth, I don’t know if I can wear them haha. Joke. Nasa nagdadala yan! I will still use one of them and I might sell the other.

Buy one, take two… Huh?


Last on the list is my fave among my purchases. I’m not really a bag person, but I just had to buy this bag I saw in a shop in Stanley. Well actually, I wanted to own the bagS in their shop display.  Unfortunately, I had to choose one only right? (hello excess baggage).



I also wanted this bag *sigh*

At first the bags looked ordinary to me. It didn’t interest me at all. But the saleslady  (who is a kababayan by the way) showed me a bag, opened the zipper, and lo and behold! Another mini bag is inside!



With snap buttons to secure the mini bag inside

The mini sling bag can be used as a partition or you can take it out and use it. Wow! Cool! Plus it comes with a  wristlet or a pouch (whatever you want to call it).


And it just costs less than P1,000.  It was really a good bargain. And it looks chic.

That’s the end of the list. I must say I am happy with my purchases.Clients were happy with theirs. We are all happy! Yey!

Looking forward to another trip this year!


2 thoughts on “Personal Purchases from Hong Kong

  1. Tama sis you need to teward yourself.. i can say naman through the years you have been a very patient and wonderful seller.. try mo din sis sa 68 na shop sa hongkong dun madami ka mabibili for you..

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