The Elusive Candy Yum-yum

Oh my God! After several trips to HK, I finally found a MAC branch that has Candy Yum-yum (or CYY for short)!

ImageFor the past trips, I always asked the SAs in HK MAC counters if CYY is available but they always say it’s sold out , despite having one on their display racks (paasa! kainis). Now imagine my joy when just this weekend one branch actually have CYY! I saw it intheir display rack and I was crossing my fingers as I approached the SA to ask.

Please don’t say it’s sold out… Β And finally the SA said what I have been wanting to hear for the longest time, they still have several pieces left. As promised (to myself), I bought some for selling in the Attic (of course!).



Freshly unpacked

I haven’t displayed it in the Attic yet and now only 1 piece remains. This darling is really in demand huh.

I was thinking of offering it to the public for pre-order, but I’m hesitant because there might be chances that if I return on Thursday (my next shopping day), CYY is once again sold out. But we’ll see. I have until tonight to think about it.

For those who really want to take risk, you could send me an 80% downpayment and I’ll shop on Thursday for you (my last shopping day here in HK). Do send me a message via email or viber 09428-D-ATTIC.


Attic selling price: P1,000 (to order please proceed here)

Free shipping for Metro Manila addresses. P40 for provincial addresses.Β 


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