Purple Cow’s Attic Comeback Giveaway Winners

Finally, the winners are announced!

Photo from Celline Reyes

Photo from Celline Reyes

Super thanks to Celline Reyes for hosting Attic’s Giveaway/Contest via her blog Product Arena. Follow her Ladies! You won’t be wasting your time reading her posts πŸ™‚

Anyway, and the winners are…

Congratulations to Ms. France Platon for winning the Facebook and Twitter giveaway! Truly deserving of the loot. She really wanted to win. She gets to own several items which were mostly bought from Hong Kong, such as Holika Holika and H&M products.


Photo from Celline Reyes

And for the Instagram giveaway, congratulations to Ms. Cherry Ann Punzal! Another deserving winner. Only few made fan signs and she’s one of them. Loved her fan sign, and she did put some effort to it (clap, clap). She wins Human Nature loot which are of course Pinoy made, all-natural and environment friendly. Yey!


Photo from Celline Reyes

For more details about the giveaway and winners, proceed to Celline’s blog postΒ http://www.cellinereyes.com/2013/06/purple-cows-attic-2-part-comeback.html

Thanks to all who joined the contest/giveaway as well. I appreciate the effort and time πŸ™‚ Til next giveaway!


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