The Search for the Giant Rubber Ducky

One afternoon (or evening?) around last April, a friend messaged me:
“May chance bang magkita kayo nung rubber ducky?”

I thought she was requesting me to buy her a rubber ducky in HK. My thought bubble,
Isn’t it available in the Philippines? Mapapamahal pa sya.

Then she corrected me, as she was referring to this giant rubber ducky floating in Victoria Habour in Hong Kong. I thought it was just the usual installation fronting Harbour City. But after a few days,  I saw a photo of it online. I was like woah! It’s really a giant rubber (or plastic) ducky! And I wanted to see it in person.

When I arrived in Hong Kong last May 14, I was eager to cross to Tsim Sha Tsui for that duck. But unfortunately my fiancé and I saw in the morning news (CNN) that he’s deflated. Nyark. He’s squished flat floating in the waters (poor duck). The news said he’ll be back after two days.


Credits to the owner of the photo

After two days, I passed by Tsim Sha Tsui and there was no sight of the duck. Only the rubber ducky fever was present. To pacify my dismay, I just took photos instead.




Despite the absence of the star, a lot or people still flocked the area, probably with the hopes they would still see him by chance.

Tourists still flocking the area, taking photos of the duck installations

Inside Harbour City, the brand was promoted all over. They had a lot of cute stuff which most of them I really cant afford :p




After few days, I was ecstatic when I saw the good news in a local newspaper. I felt the need to head to TST within the remaining days I had in HK. 

Two days before my flight back to the Philippines, I still haven’t seen that giant duck. That day, by hook or by crook, I had to see him! So I fixed my schedule and finished errands immediately to have more free time. Then I planned on going late at night because it would mean lesser crowd right?

I can see the duck! Even from the bus stop

I can see the duck! Even from the bus stop

Hell no, what does lesser crowd mean?!


The attack of the giant duck also meant business opportunity for some.

Rubber Ducky balloons

Rubber Ducky balloons


He was really humongous! Too bad it wasn’t that obvious in my photos… Oh yeah, here are the snapshots of the star, of course.



Pardon the oilinessss....

Pardon the oilinessss…. it was humid 🙂

Thanks to a friend who told me about this duck because there was something new I saw and did in HK. Yey!

Yes Bebang, that’s you! Haha!


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