Welcome Back to the Attic


Finally! After being dormant for months, the Attic found a new home in Facebook.

As you may recall, Attic’s old site was in Multiply. From the moment they overhauled until they shut down, my shop was greatly affected. To give time to transfer and start from scratch, I decided to close the Attic first so people won’t get confused when they visit the shop.

I missed manning the Attic. And now it’s back! Oh joy!

One of the pilot albums was the Sale and Promo album. It’s a pre-requisite for Attic’s re-opening, to treat the ladies out there for some affordable finds. You better check it out 🙂

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the new additions in the Attic (will be displaying them anytime soon):

Cool accessory finds

Attic Friends’ Treasure Box will be revived

More options for the full-figured ladies

More options for the full-figured ladies

More tattoo stockings

See you  in the Attic ladies!

Please proceed to Purple Cow’s Attic Facebook fanpage to shop (not to the profile account) www.facebook.com/purplecowattic http://www.facebook.com/purplecows.attic. To shop, proceed to http://purplecowsattic.com


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