10 Things to Keep in Mind When Asking Me to Shop in HK

1. Products in HK are seasonal.

Please refrain from asking me to shop for items that are not in season. Don’t ask me to look for winter boots when it is June (summer) in Hong Kong. Unless you are after specialty shops like Speedo, Ugg, etc that are not season-dependent.

2. Hong Kong is not Divisoria nor Quiapo.

Please do not ask me to look for items that are priced cheap like that of Divisoria or Quiapo. We are most likely to find that in neighboring Shenzen. But not in Hong Kong. Most of the time branded products are cheaper in HK but not generic or tiangge items,.

Tip #1 If items are available in Divisoria, better buy them there instead. Chances are price difference isn’t that much. 

Tip #2 If you are looking for a Korean product esp cosmetics, better buy them here because prices are similar if not, price diff is just minimal. Request only if they’re not available here.

3. I do not have a book of prices.

I get a lot of “How much is this and that?” You may ask but please be patient as I am trying to research online first for the prices. Also please don’t expect me to have all the answers to price inquiries.Be reminded I charge for a fee if I have to check the prices in HK personally.

Tip #3 Do your research. Most information are available online. Ask me if you cannot find the information and you are willing to pay P150 should I do the canvassing myself.

4. I treat personal shopping seriously.

I enjoy helping and shopping for my clients, at the same time, this is not child’s play for me.  I try my best to pay attention to every client’s request and needs, then deliver. Pre-order as you may call my service but the difference is, this is customized and I personally buy and choose for you.

I don’t stop with just one shop, I go around to different branches to look for an item.  I scrutinize each product and get the most “flawless” item as much as possible. I bring my tape measure to check on sizes. I note each client’s do’s and don’ts. I return and exchange the item if needed. I consult the client on the spot while shopping if I have concerns. These, among others, are the things I do as your personal shopper.

5. I am no millionaire.

There are a lot of you asking me to do the canvassing first before deciding on purchasing. Going around checking prices or checking item availability means legwork and transportation expenses. Transportation and cost of living do not come cheap in Hong Kong.  I spend an average of P70 just for one way travel to a certain area.

Some also would ask me to shoulder for the item first (such as 50-50 or 80-20 installment payment). Please be reminded, personal shopping is like “pabili” system, not simply ordering or pre-ordering. In this system, you are asking me to buy for you with your own money, not with mine.

Please understand I am not a millionaire to spend for such requests. I like helping but please, not to that extent.

6. Trust is important.

As a rule in the online shopping community, if you doubt don’t proceed. I do understand that there are scammers out there and it’s not easy to entrust your hard-earned money to someone you don’t know, especially if it is the first time you’ll be transacting with him/her. Being skeptic would just stress you and the person you’re dealing with. Don’t oblige yourself to proceed just because you made a request with me. If you still doubt me, just as long as no purchases were made, you have the right to back out.

Even I get skeptic at times, yet I just focus on trusting my clients. But when I really doubt, I decline the request (but that happened only twice).

7. Please be specific with your requests.

I am no mind-reader. 95% of my clients, I don’t know personally. Unless we have known each other for a long time, please refrain from handing the decision to me such as your size, what would look good on you, etc. It will both save us time if you will be specific.

Tip #4 Photos are always a great help. You can never go wrong with photos when you try to communicate with foreigners who barely know English.

Tip #5 As much as possible, provide information on where I can buy your item. HK is like a big shopping mall. Telling me to look for an item w/out telling me where to locate it will take time, and chances are I won’t be able to find your item.

8. I only have few days to shop.

I work under schedule and have a limited time to shop, despite the seemingly long stay in HK. I go to Hong Kong not only for business, but also for other matters. So please be considerate, don’t be pasaway and follow deadlines.

9. Baggage has a weight limit.

There are also other clients not only you. Unless you are willing to pay for the excess baggage, all bulky/heavy items are automatically for shipping from HK.

10. Be online for updates.

Because of time constraint, I would appreciate if you reply immediately to my updates and concerns, especially if you just provided generic information or omitted important information such as size, you preference etc.  After going around I always update my clients on their requests and need their approval always.


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