Bye Bye Multiply… for Now

Last March 20, I woke to a nice early morning. Had a sumptuous breakfast. Drank my usual black coffee. Then sat in front of my desk and turned on Bakla (my laptop).

Time to check orders.

Then the page displayed error 503.  Something like this.


I had the impression that probably something’s up with Multiply. Probably they’re updating of some sort. But hours went by and I kept getting same notice. Until finally this…


What the…!

And after several attempts to get to my site, I finally saw it.


So much for my notion of updating. It’s overhaul! And I was caught off guard by it! I never received any notice at least a day before that Multiply will change drastically.

Mixed emotions. I didn’t know how to react. But all I know is that my eyes bled to the sight. It’s just… sad and bland.

I spent for the lay out of my site. I spent hours improving it. I paid for the badge to become a trusted seller. And everything had to come down to this? Good thing I still haven’t proceeded to my plans of changing layouts again. That could have been money spent gone to waste.

Disregard the visual. Okay. Move on Joy. But as soon as I tried to proceed with the site, I didn’t know where to start. I cant find any guide on how to use it.

Just terrible. Terrible.

Until now the site still has bugs and errors. For the first week I cant access it on my mobile phone. Then I try to edit or update my products, I always get errors.

Because of the inconvenience I still don’t trust using the site for my transactions. It’s quite disorganized and as a buyer I wouldn’t be encouraged to buy there. And majority of the Multiply sellers aren’t happy with the said change by the way (based on the numerous complaints I read in the group page).

With this, Attic will be migrating to Facebook for the meantime (or for good?), until I’m able to update my products there and figure out how to use the site (well I kinda figured it out anyway).

What changes will be expected from the Attic therefore?

Definitely the main shop, ordering process and payment options.

Products will be displayed in Attic’s Facebook Fan Page

On Ordering

Buyers may place order by:

1. Submitting an order form

2. Sending Attic a PM in FB. Include the ff information:
Full Name:
Order (Code/link, Qty)
Contact #
Shipping Address:
Payment method (Choose; BPI/ Gcash/ LBC/ Cebuana/Mlhuillier)

3. Sending me a text/viber message with the same information above (#2), 09428-D-ATTIC.

4. Multiply Shopping Cart (for credit card and paypal payment method). If you want to pay via paypal or credit card, No need to PM me the details above, just tell me what item you want and I’ll give you the link to that item in multiply. Complete the shopping cart process to order.

On Paying

Payment options will be through BPI deposit, Gcash, LBC, Cebuana and M.Luillier.
Payments through Paypal and CC may be accepted but via multiply only.

So there. Please feel free to message me if you have further inquiries.


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