Attic Friends’ Treasure Box Revived

Maybe some of you don’t know that I used to have this section in the Attic called “Attic Friends’ Treasure Box”. Basically it’s where I sell pre-loved items of my friends.  Some were used, while some were never been used at all. Just think of it as the mini thrift shop  section of Attic.

It’s my way of helping them. Instead of waiting for molds and mites to benefit from their stuff, why not sell them as other people need it more than they do?

I haven’t opened that section for quite some time now.  Well because my friends didn’t have anything to sell yet. Plus they might have donated their stuff to victims of past typhoons that struck in some areas.

But guess what? The treasure box will be opened again!

A friend from college contacted me months ago and wanted to me to sell their stuff. She and her hubby runs a production house (those companies who shoot commercials) and they were the ones who did the latest Breeze TVC ( Carmina Villaroel and her kids  plus Dawn Zulueta etc. were endorsers in the TVC). The crate that my friend gave me contained unused clothes for that project, most, if not, all are branded. And there are a lot of  kids’ clothing. Nice!

I haven’t finished taking photos of them yet but hopefully I would be done in the next few days.

Here’s a peek of the items

Branded items i.e. Forever 21, Maldita and GAP

Branded items i.e. Forever 21, Maldita and GAP


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