Personal Shopping in HK: Feb 2013

It’s been more than a week now since my last Hong Kong trip. And I know a post about my trip is quite late, but hey, better late than never.

It’s always rewarding whenever I get to find and purchase the items that my clients request for, and especially when they like the items (yey!).  I hope they don’t mind me sharing here what they requested (I’ll just keep the clients anonymous). It feels like I’ve been a treasure hunter in HK and these were some of the treasures I found haha.


February 2013 batch of requested items

It seems that MAC cosmetics/lippies have been a staple in my trips.

MAC products

MAC products

These two MAC items were hard to find as they were sold out in MAC counters I went to. I went to around 4 branches before I found them.


Cockney from Year of the Snake Collection and Russian Red

These two were the cutest purchase… But it wasn’t easy looking for them.


Panda bonnet and bear mittens

 also bought several tattoo stockings. This got the most request.  I managed to also get some for the Attic.

Assorted tattoo stockings

An old client requested for a swimsuit similar to what I shopped for her last time. It was quite a challenge considering that shops’ collections are seasonal and it was winter season in HK. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I was relieved when my client told me that this swimsuit I found is okay with her.


A client also requested for some beauty products that seemed to be not available here in the Philippines.


I must say, with this Hong Kong trip, I had the most challenging Personal Shopping experience so far.  I think few lines had been added to my forehead haha.

Happy problems with S-T-R-E-S-S. 

Challenging because:

1. This batch had the most number of clients and requests.

2.  This batch also got the most “clients”  who cancelled.  Actually aside from cancellations,  some never gave any feedback after I updated them with the prices, availability, etc. (yuh it’s quite impolite no?). I just hope they had the decency to at least tell me that they would cancel in consideration to the efforts I made to look for their requests.  Imagine the cost, energy and time I invested in EACH item.

In fact this is the only batch that had cancellations. With the previous batches, 100% proceeded with their requests.

Oh well…

3.  Despite my very organized scheduling, the Chinese New Year celebration in Hong Kong got in the way. I didn’t expect that shops were closed for several days, some even were closed for a week. I kept going back to shops just to see if they’re already open so I can already check requested items.

Shops were closed for days for the Chinese New Year

@Tsim Sha Tsui area. Shops were closed for the Chinese New Year


4. Multiply also contributed to the stress last minute. Apparently, they didn’t transfer clients’ payments to my bank account in time  (which was supposed to be the next day after every payment confirmation), that I had to use my personal money to buy the requests.  I got quite panicky because I was concerned that I might not be able to buy all the requested items since I already used up ALL my money for purchasing and I still have few unbought items left in my list. They only transferred the payments morning of Feb 21, the day of my departure.  I had to rush to Mongkok to buy the last few items.

Just a little side story… When I went to Mongkok to buy the last items, I thought it would be very easy to complete them. Unfortunately, one item took me an hour because it wasn’t available in Sasa branches (it’s supposed to be available there). I didn’t want to disappoint my client but it seemed hopeless because I went to several branches already and they don’t carry the item I was looking for. I already messaged the client via FB re the unavailability. But thanks to HK’s  free wifi in most establishments I was able to make a quick research on where to get it aside from Sasa. Lo and behold, thank you Bonjour!  Last batch completed!

Last batch of items purchased last minute

Batch of items purchased last minute

It's already noon. Haven't had my lunch and haven't packed my bags.

Feb 21. It’s already noon. Haven’t had my lunch and haven’t packed my bags.

In addition,  there was also an instance where Multiply also had to request documents from a client to verify her Paypal account.As a result they held the funds and this happened two days before my departure from HK. Hassle.

5. Late/delayed payments. Enough said.

6. Declining requests. This batch also had most requests that I had to say “No” to. I don’t really want to say no but I also have to think about myself.  I say NO when items are readily available here in the Philippines and prices are cheaper than HK; when items are too heavy to be included in my luggage; when requests didn’t make it to the deadline; when something could get me into  trouble especially with the immigration;  and when I find the person requesting quite shady (not that I am being judgmental but since most of the clients that make requests, I don’t personally know,I  have to be careful also).

Because of what happened (especially #2), I’ll be making some changes in my Personal Shopping rules soon. I’ll be posting it in the group page as soon as I finalize it.

Lessons learned again on my part which of course I always welcome. I still enjoyed shopping for clients and challenges always give opportunity to make improvements in my service.

I am crossing my fingers that I’ll be back to HK on May. This will depend on my schedule, budget and Cebu Pac’s seat sale 🙂



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