Happy 2013!

Hello Ladies! How was your holiday?

It’s the first month of the new year and it would be nice to start with a post that is something positive right? Sooo… I’m sharing with you some good news from the Attic:

New Items!

New year, new set of wardrobe perhaps? Add some good vibes by feeling and looking good (without feeling bad on spending much).

Uploads will be on January 7. Visit (and like) the FB page for more updates. Here’s a peek of the next collection…


Lowered prices

Don’t we just love sale prices? I know you do. I’m pretty sure the holiday season just drained your pockets and that’s why I opted to lower prices of some clothes in the Attic.

Drop by the Attic’s main shop in multiply to check the items.

Personal Shopper in Hong Kong mode in February

Mark your calendar ladies! I’ll be flying to HK for the Chinese New Year and of course, my trip wouldn’t be complete without doing some personal shopping. I heard some shops there would be on sale *wink*

Visit the group page for more details and updates.

Purple Cow’s Attic is now on Instagram

Yey! It’s just a newly created account, nothing much to see YET. Nevertheless let’s have fun with photos.
Follow the Attic : PURPLECOWSATTIC

Let’s enjoy this 2013! 2012 was a blessing, so will 2013!


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