The Brent Bazaar Experience

As of typing, I am back in QC. Parang joke lang, I went to Baguio, then back to QC for a week, returned to Baguio then finally back here in QC. Well it’s because of the Brent Bazaar in Baguio that I had to attend to.  I wanted to experience selling Attic items there, as well as promote it to Baguio crowd.

Overall, the Brent International School Annual Christmas Bazaar was a nice experience. It was very well-organized! Starting from the gate/ guard house, they were able to control traffic of vendors’ vehicles. Then food section was placed outside which was an ideal set-up. Their concern was to avoid getting the gym’s rubberized flooring damaged because of possible spilling of food and drinks. Actually I prefer such set-up because I don’t want somebody accidentally spilling on my merchandise.

It was also was nice seeing that student volunteers were there to help. They looked so cute with their antlers as they roam around selling raffle tickets. Also people came to bazaar despite the non-sweldo weekend and it meant going out of their way to visit the place. I heard though that crowd-wise, last year there were more shoppers.

It was a challenge for me to set-up my table since I only brought Attic items to Baguio. I can’t carry my mannequin and other display paraphernalia since I just commuted. If I had my own vehicle of course I would have brought everything I can.

I ended going through our kitchen, library… all over our house! Just to look for something I can use to display my items. I was aiming for  a youthful and bright look. My inspiration (color-wise) was something like the photo below, but this pic is more edgy. I was aiming for this w/ a touch of being dainty.


With limitations and what’s available in our house, I must say matino naman yung display ko kahit papaano. It doesn’t look rubbish.

So here, my display ended like this…


Hello mom!


Just like Production Design days


Trays are great for displays. I just covered it w/ pink felt

The photos above were from the 2nd day of the bazaar. The night of the first day, I thought of doing some revisions to attract more buyers. One of the things I did (which I rarely see in Bazaars) was putting “when worn” photos on the clothes. I got the idea from Hong Kong, wherein shops would display ‘when worn” photos along with the garment.


Clothes w/ “when worn” photos

Such strategy was actually effective. Buyers appreciated the clothes. Too bad I only thought about it after the first day of the bazaar.

It was my first time to participate in a bazaar, alone! I mean manning the bazaar alone. I’m not really used to it and it gave me jitters during the first day. It was really nerve-wrecking for me hahaha. I guess there’s always a first for everything. Nevertheless, I survived.  Fortunately my mom  and our helper were able to accompany me on the second day, because more shoppers dropped by in the bazaar.


It’s Purple Cow!

It’s nice seeing old friends and high school batchmates who dropped by at my table. Co-sellers who I personally know were also there to sell. Unfortunately, I was just situated at the back (near the Ladies CR entrance) as they were located in the middle where people really flocked. But all’s fine!

I’m looking forward to my next bazaar at Bulwagang Claret (Teacher’s Village) this Dec 9 and 16. Hope to see you there!


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