I Shall Return!

So far my stay here in Baguio has been great. I was able to have some R&R (and lamon). As my vacation is nearing its end, yesterday was a happy day. Two words: Bazaar and PNKY.


The other day as I was reading a local newspaper, Midland Courier, I saw an ad of Brent International School’s Annual Christmas Bazaar. I first heard about this from Blaire, a co-online seller whom I shared my booth with in the John Hay bazaar just last Feb. She was the one who told me before that the crowd there was great and that I should join too.

I didn’t know this bazaar has been going on for years. As my sister said, Brent’s bazaar is well known here. I am based in QC , but I was born and grew up here in Baguio/ La Trinidad, and yet I am not aware of things around me here and I am like a tourist. Dami kong hindi alam dito, so you better not ask me about Baguio. Sometimes tourists know more than me.

Going back, the ad immediately caught my interest. My first thought was consignment. I really had no plans of joining because of the distance (QC to Baguio), budget constraints and my original plan is just joining the Bulwagang Claret Christmas Bazaar.

I was actually eyeing on joining another bazaar in QC, which will be on the same week as Brent’s. Even on different dates, I definitely cannot join both because of budget and my capability to produce hundreds of products for selling.

I contacted both bazaars for details so I can further study them and choose.I received the details and boy was I torn.

Dilemma , dilemma.

But after some intense thinking (yes intense!), making research and considerations, plus my mom’s persuasion, I finally chose joining Brent’s bazaar. Apparently the people I asked told me it has a great buying crowd and my products’ prices will just suit the market. It has been tried and tested. Also I considered my sales last Feb in John Hay. Despite having low number of people who dropped by in that bazaar, I made good sales. So what more in a bazaar frequented by people?

... and besides I would have a reason to come back here in Baguio hehe. 

Before pushing through, I had to also contact the Bulwagang Claret Christmas Bazaar organizer, afterall this is my priority bazaar. Good thing I thought of messaging her because I there were only few available stalls are left, and their location isn’t that good. Nevertheless, I had to make reservations… fast.

Went out yesterday to make reservations to both bazaars. My mom accompanied me to Brent. As expected, I didn’t know where exactly it was…pero taga Baguio ako ha. Well, technically La Trinidad (can that be an excuse?). Thanks to google it’s easy to locate places.

So here it is Ladies, it’s official! Attic and Manic will be joining Brent International School Annual Christmas Bazaar and Bulwagang Claret Christmas Bazaar. I am hoping to see you there!

Brent International School Annual Christmas Bazaar (Baguio)
Date: November 24-25
Location: Gym

Bulwagang Claret Christmas Bazaar (Teacher’s Vill, QC)
Date: December 9 and 16 (Attic’s dates)
Location: Bulwagang Claret


It was nearing noon when we were done at Brent. Since we were there, I thought of asking my mom that we try PNKY Travel Cafe. I wanted to go to this place for so long. I just never had the reason to go out of my way to visit that place. Yuh, I am that tamad kasi. Hehe.

I loved the ambiance of the place! I actually don’t really care about the food (although I was already hungry), I am always after ambiance.Food just comes secondary hehe. PNKY is the perfect place to do some writing, thinking or reading. The place was peaceful with all the trees surrounding it and the café was playing nice relaxing music.

I just love window views. Isn’t that luggage window decal cute? I want one!

Happy Cow!

What caught my interest are the details in the café. And according to their menu, if I understood it correctly, the displays and furnishings are for sale. Nice!If only I had cash, I would’ve made some shopping :p

Colorful bottles

Vintage luggage. Are they really for sale?

Lomo lomo lomo

Their menu was cool (sorry wasn’t able to take a photo of it). Since their market are tourists (I assume tourists who are after relaxation), I can say prices are reasonable enough because you wont be just paying for the food but for the ambiance. Should they have offered a lower priced menu, I’m pretty sure people would flock in. And having a big noisy crowd will just destroy the ambiance.

I guess their food would be quite pricey for Baguio peeps and budget travelers though.

But did I mention their food was yummy? And cow friendly too (I just love it when cafes/restos offer vegetarian dishes), with all that (generous) fresh vegetable ingredients. My favorite was their ube crepe called Message in a Bottle. It has coconut strips inside and you can taste the ube-ness of it. I think it is best served chilled or if not, paired with hot coffee because of the sweetness.

Belgian Frites

Pita Pizza

The delectable Message in a Bottle (it’s an ube/yam crepe)

PNKY Cafe is a nice place to make tambay, to go to on a first casual date, have creative meetings, have nice talks, be alone and think about life… etc etc. The list could go on.

A little touch of romance *wink*  and nature

Sadly I wasn’t able to go up and check their shop, PNKY Collection. Probably they have cool items being sold. Nevertheless, at least I would have a reason to come back again next time I am on a vacation here.

For those who are looking for a nice place to stay, PNKY also has their PNKY Home Bed and Breakfast.

Although I don’t like digitally edited/enhanced photos, I made one as a semi-tribute to PKNY. This is my vintage-and-lomo-inspired shot taken by my old cellphone. Sorry I don’t have a DSLR nor a digital camera.

You can visit PNKY at 13 Leonard Wood Rd, Baguio City. Or check their website at http://pnkyhome.com

I’m looking forward being back on the 24th for the Brent’s bazaar and coming back to PNKY.


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