Tattoo Stockings in the Attic

I know I have posted about it more than a month ago. Sorry to keep you waiting ladies. But the good news are, they’re displayed in the Attic (better visit now) and they’re priced cheaper than the international SRP. 

According to my friend who saw these hot items in Japan, they were priced at around Y1,500 (est Php750). I saw these online and they were being sold in the US at around Php1,000+. In Hong Kong, they sell these in shops at Php400+. But of course, me being a bargain hunter, I was able to find a stall that sells them at a lower price.

Ladies flocking over this stall in Hong Kong that sells tattoo stockings/tights

I am not sure if these are already available in Divisoria, but I guarantee Attic’s tattoo stockings were handpicked by yours truly in Hong Kong.

Will you wait for it to be a Divi  trend or be ahead of everyone else?

To see the complete display of Tattoo Stockings and to order, you may proceed here. Product details are already included there.


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