Researched and Found

As I was touring my mom around HK, I tried to include visiting my new possible shopping spots in our itinerary. These shopping spots that I could add to my list next time when doing some personal shopping.

Actually before I left for Hong Kong, I made some research on the net, tried to look for the shopping areas and addresses of  popular shops. I never managed to see everything what’s on my list, unfortunately. Blame it on time and budget constraints. Nevertheless here were the few places I dropped by.


HK has only one branch of Hollister and it’s in Festival Mall in Kowloon Tong. I just find it quite far from where I stay.

As I arrived in the mall, it took no longer for me to spot Hollister because of the multiple LCD display that I recognized from articles and blogs I saw in the net. Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos of the shop.

I am not familiar though with Hollister’s branding/packaging and this I discovered upon entering their shop. They had a unique shop concept (that I immediately thought it might not be possible in the Philippines): dimly lit shop plus upbeat music playing that gave the impression of being inside a club or bar;  the shop’s air is  very fragrant, which I don’t know if they sprayed or have an oil burner somewhere; and the display theme is very “tropical”. Actually it’s like being in bar/club that is very American and Hawaiian.


I wasn’t actually impressed with Spanx. To start off, spanx does not have it’s own shop nor section in IFC (it’s where spanx is supposed to be located). I was more impressed with the lingerie section of Lane Crawford. Not only do they carry simple bra and panty collections, but  “honeymoon” wardrobes as well, from feminine, sexy to over the top designs (anyone into BDSM?)

Going back to Spanx, it only occupied two side tables in the lingerie section. They were inside the drawers. NO large name, not ever a table top display. You have to ask the saleslady for you to know that Spanx is there.

As far as the collection’s concerned, it wasn’t complete. It only carried limited designs. Also, the prices were high and it gave me the impression that it could be of the same price with Spanx Philippines.

Oh well. Spanx, crossed out.


I am not a fan of Forever21 but I appreciate their products. I am aware though, that a lot of Filipinas are into F21, that’s why I included it in my list. It never occurred to me that there was a Forever21 branch in HK. I only discovered it when I was doing research. But I think the branch just opened this year.

I thought the branch in SM Megamall was already huge. But when I saw the HK branch, my jaw dropped upon seeing the 4 floors + basement in front of me. Too bad shopping at F21 wasn’t on my agenda neither on my budget. They were even on sale that day and I saw a lot of nice clothes that were under 100HKD.

Forever21 Hong Kong

F21 building/floor directory


I know I didn’t name the area. Sorry for being quite selfish here. I want it to remain a secret 🙂

When I stumbled upon this area during my research, I thought it was just a building. And I was surprised when I saw that it was more than one building. 3-4 blocks.

It actually reminded me of 168 in Divisoria, only it was larger. While I was there, I can’t help comparing the two.

I was drooling over the clothes and shoes. Ang gaganda! And you can tell that the workmanship of most of the clothes were good. Quality’s very okay. Though similar displays with those being sold in Divi, the quality difference is quite evident.

The products being sold in retail are quite pricier than what I expected. But I am assuming they will be waaay priced low when you buy in bulk, after all, the place is meant for wholesale transactions.

Overwhelming! Lots of clothes and shops

Cute rain boots for 200HKD ( I wonder how much in WS)

When you try to shop in this place, you need to allot a day, or at least the whole afternoon. As i’ve mentioned, the place is huge. They actually close as early as 7PM, I’m not sure what time they open. Also they are closed on Sundays.

Ladies flock over low priced items (30-50HKD)

I was able to buy only two pieces (pathetic) of clothing and shoes. The sight of them and their prices never left my mind and they haunted me, that’s why I bought them. I know I rarely see them here in the Philippines. Watch out for them as I will display them mid September.

So there. Only few but I am hoping eventually I will be able to discover more shopping places in Hong Kong everytime I go back there.


2 thoughts on “Researched and Found

  1. You weren’t allowed to take photos of Hollister? How come?! How did they know you were taking a photo anyway since you were outside? Sorry for the questions! But I was planning on snapping a shot of the store when I visit HK in a few weeks… hopefully I manage to get one.

    I loved this post! I’ve been looking for posts like yours for a few days now. I absolutely cannot wait to hit F21 because I’m in Australia and we don’t have any stores yet haha… but six floors?! That’s massive! 🙂

    • Oh, I meant in my blog that I wasn’t able to take photos simply because I forgot to take photos, my mind was preoccupied with shopping for a client. You could probably take shots because I saw a blog before with photos of Hollister 🙂

      Thanks for appreciating my post 🙂

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