There’s a Snake in My Ear!

..and it’s harmless.

I’m actually referring to this little fella on the right, plus another, that I saw a while ago while buying materials for Manic.

Snakes for yer earsssss

They’re both earrings that I saw in the displays and caught my attention. Without second thoughts, I bought them because they’re unique.

But actually, I didn’t know how to wear them or how they’re supposed to look like when worn. So I eagerly tried them on upon getting home. I must say the silver snake piece is really cool!

I’m not sure what the right form is, but I assume I’m wearing it right.

Okay so unfortunately I can’t seem to wear this gold snake earring. I thought at first you would just simply put it on and it would follow the shape of your ear. But I forgot of course it’s quite heavy , gravity will act on it.


Now I’m assuming this piece would be ideal for those with double piercing. Probably a pierce located at the upper portion of the ear. I guess it would end up looking something like this…

Now, I have to sell this gold snake piece at the Attic. It’s a cool find anyway.

If some of you wants the silver snake piece also, I could get them for those who are interested. I think I saw an antiqued gold version of it. Just leave me a message here or send me an SMS (09335669595).


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