Personal Shopper Mode in Hong Kong

Yes, this entry is still about my Hong Kong trip . I just want to show what I bought in HK for some of my pretty clients. I became once again a personal shopper and I had fun shopping for them.

The Skate Shoes

This is one of , if not, my most favorite purchase. I actually wanted to buy it for myself when I saw it in one of the shoe shops I passed by. Then I saw three more designs/kinds in other shoe shops. As much as I want it, unfortunately, I have no use for it since I can’t walk on heels (my thin ankles cannot support my body weight) plus it was out of my budget.

Love at first sight of the display

I learned later on that this kind of shoe is called Skate Shoes. It’s by Jeffrey Campbell and obviously the ones I saw in HK shoe shops were “inspired by”.
A friend saw my post in FB  about it, she wanted me to buy it for her.  And viola, I bought a pair for her. I also had the chance to try on the display pair and pretend it was for me. Cheap thrills haha.

The actual shoes I bought

Purple Two-piece Swimsuit

Can I just say S-E-X-Y? This swimsuit was calling me when I saw it.
And I thought of my friend who was asking me to buy a swimsuit for her. I like the metal-like details and obviously the color. They had this in bright pink and aqua. But I thought my friend would prefer this color and it will suit her personality as well.

MAC Lipglass in Morange and Impassioned

These were requested by a make-up artist friend who I have known since college days (check her site here). I always love going to MAC and other make-up shops and it’s always a pleasure buying for others since I am not a make-up person. I get to try on samples and browse over the collections.
I was confident at first that the shades she requested would be readily available at any MAC store. Unfortunately some shops do not carry the shade. I learned also that they are not yet available here in the Philippines. So I decided to drop by this MAC branch where I found a hard-to-find-shade before. And yes, these two shades, Morange and Impassioned, were in that branch. Yey!

MAC Impassioned and Morange Lipglass for Elaine

H&M Tops and Bottoms

H&M Swimwear

These were the most in demand items. There were actually “pahabol” requests, which I wasn’t able to entertain anymore because I was about to leave HK.
I went to three H&M branches for these designs. Basically because there were a lot of people buying and the swimsuits were getting out of stock. Some branches had unavailable sizes already while some didn’t have that piece anymore.
I remember this piece that I bought for a client, wherein the top was part of the Fight Against AIDS collection. When I went to the nearest H&M branch (I thought I would be able to find it there) they had no size available for my client. She requested for size 36. Of all sizes, it was the only size they don’t have anymore. I had to cross to the other island (Kowloon side) to check if the H&M branch there still had size 36. When I saw the rack, this lady was holding the top- the last piece! Luckily it wasn’t her size. It was size 36! Yes! The last piece in size 36! Haha! I immediately grabbed it before anyone did.
Going around looking for items that clients requested is an adventure. It’s like treasure hunting. I also learn new things especially on certain products- what are they, how much they really are, where to get them and deciphering between a good and bad product in terms of quality. At the same time, I get to discover new places in Hong Kong and I have reason to go from one place to another.

Canvassing bags at Longchamp

At the MTR, carrying bags of purchased items for my clients. And I was just 60% done with the shopping.

What’s very rewarding after everything? It’s not the profit. If I were after it, I would have charged more because going around isn’t just P8.50 or P25. Long walks does make one thirsty (and hungry). Internet connection does not come cheap. I charge only little, enough to at least cover transportation.

Almost midnight. Called it a night. Exhausted running and shopping around. But happy.

Anyway, going back, the most rewarding part is when you see the smile on your client’s face or learn that she was happy with the purchase, appreciates and thanks you for your services.

I really appreciate this message from Kaye

To my clients, it was a pleasure shopping for you.

Til next HK trip again ladies. Mark your calendars, it will be on August 17


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