Once again, I went to Hong Kong last April 26 for a visit…and shopping! I missed going to Hong Kong and finding cool stuff to store in my Attic, as well as shopping for others. It has been more than a year since my last visit there.

Toying with the reflection to achieve a “self-portrait” shot. Taken in Central, Hong Kong


My visit wouldn’t be complete without visiting my favorite shopping places : MAC, H&M, this small swimsuit shop in HK and a certain building in Argyle Street.
One of the first shops that I always visit on my first day is MAC. I always offer the ladies my services to buy some MAC products for them, for two main reasons: price and availability.
We know that MAC products in Hong Kong are cheaper than those being sold in MAC shops here in the Philippines. It may not be that big of a difference but the ladies still get to save on few hundreds and transportation expenses just going to the mall. Aside from that, there are some shades or products that are not readily available here (because they are sold out or not being sold here) but are available in HK.

This is one of the MAC branches I go to always. Pardon my crude snapshot. It was just a stolen shot since taking photos might not be allowed inside.

 The other shop that I also visit during the first day is H&M. It has always been a favorite. Sometimes I don’t buy anything. I just find their collections fashionable and at times unique. Sometimes I do wish that H&M would be brought here in the Philippines.

H&M in Tsim Sha Tsui

 With this HK visit, I also went back to this swimsuit shop, which is also a staple in my itinerary. It’s my favorite swimsuit shop actually because they are open all year round (it’s actually hard to look for swimsuits in HK if it’s not summer), they sell affordable pieces, they have some pieces up to 2XL and they have nice designs. Just look at the assortment of pieces displayed in their shop.

Pretty, pretty swimsuits! I had a lot of favorite pieces in the display.

Another always-must-go-to in my list is this building on Argyle Street. It has four floors full of shops/stalls that sell affordable and fashionable pieces. I noticed 70% of what is being sold there are Korean products or at least Korean-inspired. You’ll need the whole afternoon if you want to go inside each shop in that building. They carry clothes, shoes, accessories, novelty items, beauty products, etc. Sometimes you would be able to tell the fashion trend based on the items they sell collectively. And at times they are ahead with the trends. These were some my great finds before from that place, which were sold quickly in the Attic.


I managed to purchase several stuff from my rounds in Hong Kong that are worthy of being stored in Purple Cow’s Attic.
Take a peek…

Pretty DSLR camera straps. There were more designs where those came from (photo below)

Nail Ring from H&M

Chiffon tube dress

Collar necklaces

You can purchase them at
If only I could own them… But I always think of the ladies out there who deserves to own them first 🙂 Customers first!
Part two of my my Hong Kong shopping trip, which is about shopping for Attic clients coming up! 

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