Be Hot this Summer in your Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit

I just came from a loooong day! Nevertheless the exhaustion paid off as I was able to get my hands on several Victoria’s Secret swimsuits which I will be selling in my booth in the Sundance Bazaar (Tiendesitas).

And good news to plus sized ladies, some of the swimsuits I got are sized (US) 10-16.

I can’t wait as I am so excited!

These pieces that I got are actually export overruns. They are authentic and manufactured here in the Philippines. Now don’t get turned off just yet because of the “Made in the Philippines” tag. You may think it’s just imitation. They are authentic.

Yes it gets manufactured here, but the materials still are imported. The assembly is just being done here. VS pays Philippines for the labor. Then the products are exported to the US. The funny part is, VS exports it to back the Philippines to be sold.

How much does a VS swimsuit cost? SRP in the US could cost you up to $76 (that’s around P3,269)…just for the top. But with these export overruns, you could get them at a very low price.

Why are they cheap?What makes them export overruns?

Well some of them are excess in the production. While others did not pass their quality standard, meaning they have super minor damage. What are these damages? They include wrong size in the tag and… actually I don’t know what the damages are. Because I tried to inspect the items but I can’t seem to find anything wrong with them.

You will just notice that the tags in the swimsuits have been cut (maybe as a mark too that they are not official VS products anymore) and some of them does not have the plastic cover thing (for hygenic purposes)  found in the bottoms.

To give you an appetizer, I will be auctioning 2 swimsuits tonight (march 5) 8PM-11PM, at Auction for Legit Seller’s Page.

If you want to grab your own Victoria’s Secret swimsuit, visit Purple Cow’s Attic’s  booth in the Sundance Bazaar, Tiendesitas on March 26-27, 12noon-12midnight.


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