Good News to All!

I am aware that even if I have Terms and Conditions posted in my sites, most buyers just don’t give time to read it. So just to give you guys a head up, I made few revisions in the Terms and Conditions.

Purple Cow’s Attic have two good news for the buyers:

1. Reservation and payment period is now five days. I decided to extend the period from three to five days  to give consideration to buyers with busy schedules. Based on past transactions, a lot of  buyers would most of the time request for an extension. This time,  I do hope, with the 5-day payment period, everybody would be already on time in settling their payment.

2. Purple Cow’s Attic will be giving a 5% discount to the early birds. To give credit to the prompt payers, I decided to give a 5% discount (on the purchased items) to those who will settle their payment the next day (within 24 hours) after order confirmation has been sent to them.

In addition, I have already removed the surcharge system for delayed payments. So, instead of implementing something negative-sounding, why not something positive right? Just to encourage people to pay on time. Buyer is happy with a discount, I’m happy with the early payment. Everybody is happy!

More good news coming up:)


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