Unposted Jumpsuits

It’s another year and I still haven’t been able to post some clothes and stuff I have for the Attic. Among the un-displayed clothes are my jumpsuit collection.

I bought them from Hong Kong last year during their summer season (around July or August I think). I was then eager to sell  the jumpsuits as soon as I was able to purchase them. During that time, jumpers was not yet that much in sight here in Manila/ Philippines. As far as I remember, it wasn’t a fad yet.

I wasn’t able to take photos of them since last year because I have no clue how to display them. I only have my dress form (half body mannequin) and it doesn’t look good when I put the jumper on them (no legs hello!). Then there’s this hesitation on my part to let somebody wear it and model the clothes. I just feel it’s unhygienic unless it’s a display item only.

Out of five jumpers, I only managed to acquire sample photos for the two items (from the shop where I bought it). One (which was already bought by a friend) was already shown from my previous blog entry . Below is the photo and details of the other jumpsuit I have…

HKC10 Black Jumpsuit

Selling Price: P540

Color: Black

Fabric: Chiffon-like

Others: with side zippers on both lower leg area

Measurement details:

Chest: would fit up to approx 40″

Armhole: approx. 18″

Waist: would fit up to approx 40″ (waist is garterized)

Hip: approx. 39.5″

Thigh: approx 23″

Leg opening: approx 10.5″

Length: 50″

Pardon the cheesy texts included in the photo. I don’t know what’s up with that. Can’t complain. I just asked for the photo anyway 🙂

I still have 3 more jumpsuits undisplayed. One black of similar style as HKC10, only top portion is tube that can be transformed into halter. The other is a spaghetti strapped floral jumpsuit. And the other one is a floral spaghetti strapped shorts jumpsuit.


For ordering information, please proceed to Order Up! tab. Order form is also found there.


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