Treasure Found: LED Tea Lights

If you still need something cheap to light up your  Noche Buena,Christmas parties or your wedding reception, you might want to consider the LED color changing tea lights. You can use this as an alternative to real candles which can be a hassle to light up when it’s blown off or all used up. With real candles you have to be more careful because it can cause some serious fire.  Not so good for the holidays right?.

I bought them just this year which was supposed to be used for a wedding. Actually I almost forgot I have them. But since I have no use for it anymore and sayang lang if it will be just kept in the closet, I might as well sell them. I know I displayed them in such short notice, but better late than never.


I bought them for P50 each, but I’m selling them for P35 each or  P1,150 for all 35 pieces.   All LED tea lights are unused. Each piece has a battery already.

This also comes handy when brownout strikes. You need not to worry about sleeping with lit candles. Aside from being safe, children won’t fear the dark because of its colorful lights.

Can real candles do this? LED tea lights can


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