The Wire Ring Experiment

Finally, I had the opportunity to clean and organize my apartment just last week. I was so in the mood to clear the clutters.  But it took me 4 days to make my place look like it can be lived in, compared to the before-it looked-like-a-bodega apartment.

The most anticipated part of my clean up mode was organizing my beading materials and converting my work table into a beading work area.  Making bead accessories is a toddler hobby of mine by the way. I have been wanting for so long to arrange my table wherein it would be convenient to do my beading stuff.

Work table. Believe me, that's already been (so far) organized

I have always loved working in front of a window. It always feels “light” and relaxing.

After being able to finish the table, I was aching to do some accessories, especially the wire ring. I have been curious on how to do this. I know I can do it but I haven’t tried doing it.

When I bought the materials, my friend Prech (who tempted me to buy beads with her in Quiapo) was surprised I was holding this big roll of wire. I didn’t want to let go if it actually. I have been looking for this kind of wire (gauge less than 20) and I’ve been to several shops already but all they offered me was 22-28 gauged wires.

And so one night, after that tiring Quiapo day, I started working on the ring. It took me probably 30minutes to finish it. I was able to accomplish the wire ring but with one flaw… I used the wrong gauge of wire in securing the beads. I used 24 instead of 28. Thus the wiring was quite crooked ( and I ended having sore fingers).  Nevertheless here’s my first wire ring prototype…

My wire ring (self-taught)

When worn. Pardon my hands and nails.


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