Eeew! Underarm Sweats!

One of the embarrassing things that could happen is when you get your shirt wet when you perspire…in your armpits! Especially if you are in date, event or worst, in a formal occasion.

Sweat marks start to be visible in your clothing and you become awkward, refusing to raise your arms , with the hopes of hiding those sweat marks. People start taking photos, and you see in those photos how obvious those sweaty armpits were. urk…

Just this morning I got a glimpse of Carmina and Zoren’s morning show in GMA. And there was this opening number by celebrities from Party Pilipinas. As they were dancing, one of them had this sweaty armpits. I can tell because marks were getting visible in her sweater. Tsk, tsk.  Not even celebrities or public figures are spared from this kind of situation.

Good thing I rarely have those moments 😀

Anyway, I’m just bringing this up because of what I accidentally saw online before while I was in Hong Kong. It’s a Japanese product to give a solution to those sweat marks in your clothing (those Japanese never cease to come up with unique ideas).

Kobayashi Underarm Sweat Sheets

It’s really a simple idea, it’s like a napkin for your armpits.

Come to think of it, sometimes deodorants do nothing to prevent your underarms from producing sweat. You just end up having a wet but fresh-smelling pits.So this Kobayashi Underarm Sweat Sheets could actually at least save you from embarrassment, right?

Because it caught my interest,  I checked if it was available in Hong Kong in those Japanese shops/establishments such as Sogo. And there it was!

Being an interesting product, I bought a few to store it in my Attic. Of course, i got one box for myself also and tried it out.

It felt weird at first because I got worried that my armpits would be sweaty. But duh, why would I worry? I forgot  it’s irrelevant if my unerarms would sweat because it will be absorbed anyway. Well, I’m not just used to stuffing something in my underarms, aside from, of course, a thermometer when i get sick.

Anyway, I wore a shirt with a very light cottony fabric wherein sweat marks could be really obvious. I forgot i was wearing the underarm sweat sheet. At the end of the day, no sweat stains/marks were found.

Effective it is!

Here’s the product description I found online


No More Underarm Sweat Stain RIFF!

Product Features

  • New unique concept, Riff (R-Refine, I-Ideal, F-Fine, F-Fresh)
  • New design with new package. Easy to use and simply dispose after use.
  • The shape fitly suits human arm curve for easy sticking on sleeves.
  • Material is only 1mm thick of cotton, just like sticking nothing. Never be noticed from outside.
  • The absorbing layer can effectively lock the sweat to prevent sweat from remaining stain on clothing.
  • It absorbs your sweat fully to let you feel refresh all day long.
  • With deodorizing ingredient, no need to worry about your embarrassing smells any more.
  • No fragrance is used and thus protects your skin.
  • 4 styles with various colours which suit all kinds of your clothing and never be noticed from outside.
    White: Suitable for any white shirts ※ Mocha Beige: Suitable for any light-colored clothing ※ Mini Beige: Suitable for short-sleeved light-colored clothing ※ Black: Suitable for black, dark-colored clothing or jackets.


For general clothing (about 120mm x 115 mm)

  • White (Blue Box)
  • Mocha Beige (Red Box)
  • Black (Black Box)
Mini size for short-sleeved clothing (about 97mm x 96 mm)
  • Beige (Orange Box)
Materials: Polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene
Volume: 10 pairs (20 pieces)

How to Use

  1. Tear off sticker ①.
  2. Stick on the appropriate position below the sleeve.
  3. Tear off sticker ② and stick inside the sleeve.
  • Front section of your armpit secretes sweat easier than the back section. Please stick this product 2cm at front from the middle to ensure entire absorption of your sweat.


  • Sticky gel may adhere on clothes and discoloration may occur over long time. Please tear off after use.
  • Elastic, linen or specially processed materials (including softness-processed, silk, etc.) may not be easy to adhere.
  • Do not reuse the same sheet.
  • Stop using this product immediately if any discomfort occurs.
  • Do not machine wash, dry or iron clothes with the product adhered.

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