Blog Time!

Finally a blog just for my Attic, where I can make more updates and not sound like some spammer.

I decided to make one since I wanted a venue where I can discuss some of Purple Cow’s Attic’s items, my shopping finds in Hong Kong and of course my personal creations, among other things. At least I do have a reason to lessen the business tone here, after all it’s a blog 🙂

To start it off… What is Purple Cow’s Attic anyway?

For those who accidentally stumbled on my site or who has no clue what Purple Cow’s Attic is, it is an online shop guys.  It’s not about a house, nor an animal or a cartoon character.

Purple Cow is yours truly, the author and shop owner.  Purple Cow is the “showbiz name” by then Production Designer Joy Puntawe (yup that’s me!). How I came up with my “showbiz name” would be probably be discussed some other time 🙂

After I have finally decided to resign from being a slave (at the same time slave driver) from an unglamorous stress-filled industry, I knew I had to start clearing my stuff from my store room. With all the art materials, fabrics, wardrobe, props, interesting purchases,collections,etc. I had accumulated in years, I didn’t know where to start.

But because some of the things were still in good condition, I didn’t want to dispose them. Sayang eh. Although, I don’t want to keep them because what the hell am I going to do with them???

And then, that’s when I remembered, once upon a time, I planned to sell some of my stuff but just didn’t had the time to pursue it.
Thus I revived a dormant multiply site of mine and made few reasearch, stole ideas (joke!) and interviewed my friend Mimi (who then owned an online shop).

I had to have a name. I avoided using the terms shop, boutique, closet, online and store since most online shops were using those words.

Purple Cow’s Closet? Nah.

My things came from my store room, or mini-bodegaPurple Cow’s Bodega? WTF!And then…


Attic because it’s where you can store and find assorted things-old, new, or unused. My mini-bodega and an attic served the same purpose anyway, their difference is just their location.

And so , Purple Cow’s Attic was officially launched online last year.

My first contacts were my friends and acquaintances. I had no idea on how to run a business but all I had in mind was just to dispose my items. Some of the first few items that were put up on my multiply site were pre-loved clothes (clothes that were bought for shooting purposes), scarves & purses (which my boyfriend bought for me from HK) and button earrings (which I made from buttons sitting in one of my caboodles).

I also have a lot of stuff which I really don’t use or need. Yeah, I have this habit of just buying things that would catch my interest, with the thought of maybe I could use it in sometime in the future. But they just end up getting accumulated in my place. So instead of getting dusty, they were lined up for selling also. So now, wherever I go, I don’t cringe on buying something interesting because I know I could store in it my Attic. At least someone would find it useful for themselves right?

And since I started frequenting Hong Kong last year also, I bought few items from there. Few at first, but eventually became several. Until…

Because my family and some friends usually ask me advices about sourcing stuff- where to buy this, where can i find that, how do i make this, what would look good, etc – they trust me so much with my taste that they started to ask me favors to shop for them in Hong Kong. And so eventually Purple Cow’s Attic also gave this service of being a Personal Shopper in Hong Kong, not only to friends/family but also to Attic’s contacts in Facebook.


I  don’t know if this will soon grow, but I made “few” creations as requested by  myfamily/friends (like Aria’s fairy hairpiece on the left photo and bead corsage for a wedding  on the right photo).

Aside from Purple Cow being a shop owner and personal shopper, it won’t be long I would be adding “accessory-maker”  to the services of Purple Cow’s Attic.


Why not?

Afterall, I was a Production Designer. I’m just using my retained skills in a different path 🙂

Whew! That was a long entry for a first post. Nevertheless let me welcome you to my blog.  Feel free to comment and make suggestions.



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