Updates on Attic and Personal Shopping Service

If you have noticed for the past months,  the Purple Cow’s Attic Shopee account doesn’t have any product displayed or all items are sold out. The FB page and IG haven’t been updated as well. Same thing with YPSIHK (Your Personal Shopper in Hong Kong) FB group and IG. This is because I’ve already moved to Hong Kong last May. We’ve been here for two months already.

I’ve been still receiving PMs and emails, being asked if when’ the next schedule of personal shopping, if I can buy items for them, if this certain product is still available in the Attic or when will I restock.

So what will happen to Attic and YPSHIK, now that I’m already HK-based?

Initially, my decision was to permanently close the Attic. But I realized, I would still come back home to the Philippines for vacation. Sayang naman. During those periods, I could open the Attic and still offer items purchased from HK.

I’ve decided that Attic and YPSIHK will be temporarily closed and will open once in while, when I’m back in the Philippines. 

With YPSIHK, right now even if I’m in HK, I’m not yet offering personal shopping service because going out and shopping for clients will be challenging since I have a toddler in tow. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle it and I’m not yet ready. Also, I haven’t made a decision on how things will run now that my situation is different.  Hopefully soon I’ll be able to figure things out. I’m not giving up on my personal shopping service. Ngayon pa na andito na ako sa Hong Kong? Haha!

I might have a trip on October. And when that pushes through, Attic and YPSiHK will open. Announcement will be posted in FB and IG accounts the soonest.


Attic Updates: Hiatus and Moving Out

Wow my last post was still last year. Haven’t had time to update this blog because I got preoccupied with personal matters and personal shopping.

So what’s new?

Right now, yours truly is based here in La Trinidad, Benguet. I had no choice but to temporarily leave Quezon City for personal reasons. Yes, I said temporarily as I still have plans of going back.

Because of the changes, my personal shopping services is in hiatus. I won’t be having any Hong Kong trip for the whole year. I actually already announced this last quarter of 2015 in the personal shopping FB group . In fact I thought my last stint would be last November. But I still managed to find ways and was able to continue until February this year. Definitely as of writing I can say I won’t be able to do any personal shopping for this year (unless Universe will conspire and alter my plans).


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Let’s Welcome “Your Personal Shopper in HK”

Recently, Attic’s IG account is getting cramped and confusing with all the combined personal shopping and retail posts.  Thus a new Instagram account was created for the personal shopping services of Attic.

Enter, @shopperinHK (Your Personal Shopper in HK)


All personal shopping-related posts will now be transferred to the new IG account. Hope you visit and follow 🙂

For more details/information and updates on personal shopping services, join the FB group Your Personal Shopper in Hong Kong .

What I Do as a Personal Shopper

Two of the most common questions I get when I mention I do personal shopping are “What is personal shopping?” and “What do you do as personal shopper?”

Personal shopping simply means purchasing items on behalf of clients. It is also the same definition of a personal shopping assistant. The difference of being a personal shopper (based on research) from the latter is that it involves consultation and giving advice to the client. At some instances, being a personal shopper also means you offer styling services.

I can’t say I’m a fashion expert nor a stylist since I have no educational background on fashion, but having worked as a production designer/art director in film, tv and ads at least makes me credible and confident enough to be a personal shopper. Actually, both jobs are highly similar, only this time, purchases will be used in real life and not for fictional purposes. No more visual tricks.

Now, what goes behind those purchases? What do I specifically do? Obviously doing the pre-order part of my services isn’t part of the discussion (it falls under being a personal shopping assistant). Here are the some of the things I do for my clients:

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Human Nature Back at the Attic

Good news! As a holiday gift, Purple Cow will be bringing back Human Nature products at the Attic this week.


For the past months (or year) I wasn’t able to focus on Human Nature because of my trips. This time I’m determined to promote this product not for profit purposes, but mainly for the social aspect of it. If some of you are not yet aware, Human Nature is pro-poor. They have projects for the less fortunate, at the same time, they provide livelihood for the people. Of course the more sales and demand for the products, the more they can provide jobs for people, especially for the farmers and those who need them the most. Now don’t we want that?You get to buy a quality product that is kind to you and the environment, at the same time you’re helping others.  We are helping Filipinos improve their lives.
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The Second Brent Bazaar Experience

This is a days-late post about the Brent Bazaar held last November 22. It was so far the most successful one I’ve experienced. All those hardwork and puyat paid off. Thank God.

Last October, I was scheduled to come up here in Baguio and would be staying for at least a month. And I was hoping there would be a bazaar around to maximize my  stay. Luckily, Cathy, a HS batchmate informed me that Brent would be holding one and it coincided with my schedule. The moment I got the information from the school admin, I applied and settled payment immediately while I was in still in Quezon City. I had a month to prepare and I knew I had enough time. I wanted to avoid what I did with my previous bazaar experiences, preparing just days before the event. I think it left my booth looking half-baked. I didn’t want that to happen this time.


My first ever bazaar. My booth looked so amateur , cluttered and empty

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